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Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is a Lifestyle branded company that focuses on more than the physical attributes of a home being purchased or sold.  For years we have stressed the importance of looking beyond the bedrooms, baths and square footage.  We know that an individual’s home has to align with the entire family’s…

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Texas, A Great Place to Live

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Just about everyone has heard the expression “everything is bigger in Texas”. It’s true, as a landmass Texas is larger than the United Kingdom, Spain and France and twice the size of California. But there are other big things about the state that extends beyond its physical size. Why Texas? There were over 230,000 jobs created…

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Saving for a Down Payment Today

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Saving for a down payment to buy a home is hard and may take years. However, Down Payment Assistance grants are an alternative that can help you accomplish your down payment goal faster. DPA grants are offered by commercial banks as part of the Community Reinvestment Act which aims to help meet the needs of…

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Best BBQ – McKinney Texas

If you are like many Texans, BBQ is a serious food group and you expect the pit masters who prepare with their undivided attention. For over 40 years the Hutchins family has produced quality BBQ starting in 1978 with their first location known as Roy’s Smokehouse in Princeton, Texas. They later moved it down the…

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Hiring a REALTOR®

Hiring the right REALTOR® is one of the most important steps you can take when purchasing or selling a home. You should start by doing your homework to determine the best possible fit for your individual requirements. Strive for exceptional service, a REALTOR® that is committed to your real estate goals and someone who will…

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Home Buying Information

Are you informed about how to proceed with possibly your largest financial investment? Are you aware of your financing options, the importance of your credit profile, or how to he home buying process works? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you are not alone. Once you decide to purchase a home learning…

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Protect Your Credit

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there had been 864 data breaches that resulted in the compromise of 34,174,633 consumer records by August 31, 2018. This is strong evidence that there are increasing unauthorized threats to consumer credit and personal information. What can you do to protect yourself from these threats? Start by understanding…

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Preparing for Severe Weather

Most of us are delighted to see the spring weather arrive in North Texas. The pear, cherry, and redbud trees are showing their colors and other trees are displaying their early stages of foliage. This time of year also marks the beginning of spring thunderstorms, lightning, hail, strong winds, and even tornados. If you’re new…

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Myths That Stop Renters From Home Ownership

I read an article in the Texas Realtor® magazine that highlighted several myths that may be stopping renters from pursuing home ownership. The data source for the article was from the 2018 Bank of America Homebuyer Insight Report. It’s unfortunate that these myths exist because any investigation would quickly show how incorrect they are. 49%…

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North Texas, A Great Place To Live

A stable economy, highly rated schools, excellent employment opportunities, state of the art medical facilities, and an affordable housing market are just a few reasons why moving to the Dallas Fort Worth area is a good idea. Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live in America ranked McKinney, Texas number 1 in 2014, Allen, Texas number…

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